Online Programs at Home

Online Programs at Home

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Successmaker is multi sensory, interactive, adaptive software for teaching English and maths, which is now available for use at home through the SMART Education website, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, pick a time that suits you!

  • An on line study buddy helps explain things and provides a tutorial with step by step instructions when things are difficult.
  • Suitable for children from senior infants to junior cert
  • Monitored by teachers with support and back up by phone and email with monthly tutorials with teacher

How it works

Students can log onto their program by clicking on the link above. They will then be asked for their username and password. On the first day they get to pick their study buddy, a cartoon character, that tracks progress and gives them help when needed. Programs take 15 to 20 mins and it is recommended for best results that they are used 2/3 times a week, but they can be used each day. Each click is monitored and progress is reviewed by teachers in the centre. Feedback, reports and support are provided by email and phone or skype when necessary.

How is it monitored?

While using the program online at home the student's work is being constantly monitored with reports available. Each click of the mouse tells us how the student progresses. Parents can contact us by phone and email for support. All students attend one class per month in the center. Progress reports are given to parents during this session and learning support is offered for students having difficulty in any areas. This session each month is free.

Will it suit my child?

If you have an assessment carried out already we will read the assessment report and advise if the program is suitable for your child. If you do not have an assessment carried contact us for an appointment. Online programs are suitable for children from Senior Infants upwards, they just need to use a mouse! Because there are so many levels your child can work at their own pace so it is suitable for children who are having difficulty as well as gifted children.

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Mary O'Dowd

Education Consultant

Mary is a registered qualified teacher with over 38 years’ experience and over 20 years’ experience in helping children with specific learning difficulties. She is qualified and registered with the British Psychological Society to carry out educational testing. An expert in dyslexia, she has lectured in Ireland and overseas. In 2005 Mary O’Dowd set up SMART Education to provide educational assessments, consultations, tutorials and workshops for students aged 4 to 18 yrs.

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