Assessments and Consultations

Assessments and Consultations

Parent and student consultations.

This consultation allows parents to review and discuss academic progress and any issues the student may have. It involves taking an academic history, review of standardized assessments and school reports, advice on short, medium and long term academic planning. It may involve a follow up appointment for further testing or screening, e.g. dyslexia screening, or after referral to other professional such as occupational therapists or speech and language therapists.

CAO, DARE and HEAR applications for college.

This appointment is suitable for Leaving Cert. students to enable them to make wise choices in relation to 3rd level college courses. These appointments are available throughout the year.

RACE Consultation

Students can apply for special accommodations for the junior and Leaving Cert, (RACE) such as spelling and grammar waivers, reading assistance or the use of a laptop/word processor. The results of this assessment can be used by schools when making RACE applications.

Dyslexia screening (age 7 -18)

Dyslexia screening is available for students aged 7 to 18 years. The screening consists of a computerized test containing 6 sections, with possible follow-up spelling or reading tests. Printed reports are available immediately and results are discussed with parents and students. Copies of school reports with scores from standardized tests (Micra T, Sigma T or Drumchondra tests) should to brought to the appointment.

Dyslexia screening (age 5 -7)

The Trinity Early Screening Test for Reading and Writing (Test2r) is suitable for children from age 5 yrs. It is divided into 2 parts, so two visits maybe required. The results are accompanied with the test2r booklet and recommendations for the school and parents.

Subject Choice

Students in 1st year and 5th year often need guidance of subject choices. During the appointment students and parents can discuss the nature of each subject and then guidance is provided on how to pick the best subjects based on student interest and ability, possible subject requirements in the future and the nature of the assessment in each subject.


All Consultations are €60, Test 2r and dyslexia screening may incur added registration fess of €10, Subject choice consultation is €40.

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