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Study Skills Help for Teenagers

Workshops on Saturday 16th Sept 2017, book now
€40 for early booking, €40 for smarteducation students, guests €50


Many teenagers find it difficult to motivate themselves to study for exams. At SMART Education we show them how to make out a timetable for study based on their subject likes and dislikes, then we show them how to take notes and learn. 

For Leaving Certificate students it helps if they have a goal, such as a course they would like to get. This keeps them focused and able to concentrate on learning. A good point to start with is filling in the CAO form, this helps them set the goal.

Guidelines to help study

  • Draw up a timetable and stick to it
  • Use a method that suits your learning style, such as mind maps
  • Collect everything you will need in the same place, dictionaries, calculators, pens etc.
  • Make sure the environment is comfortable, good lighting, heating, ventilation etc. 
  • Get rid of as many distractions as possible
  • Study in the same place each day

Advice for Parents

  • Help the student create an environment at home that they can study
  • Ask for guidance in levels, check with a careers expert to make sure that they have the correct subjects and levels for the course they want
  • Reward effort
  • Understand that study works best in 45 minute slots, so allow short breaks
  • Encourage the young person to eat a healthy diet and exercise
If you feel that they are not working seek advice from the school or contact us for a Study Skills Workshop. Workshops last one hour and 20 mins.The student will leave with a study timetable and the SMART Study Method.